Kickball Extravaganza Part III

April 25, 2018

BOCA RATON, Fla. - April 26, 2017

BOCA RATON, Fla. - The Third Annual Florida Atlantic University Athletics' Kickball Extravaganza will be Friday, April 27 with the first pitch of game one scheduled for 12:30 p.m. at the FAU Softball Stadium. Admission is free and open to the public. Light lunch will be available for the first 20,000 fans (must be an FAU athletic staff member to redeem food) starting at noon.

The teams and format has been set. The Red Team will be captained by Kachine Alexander. While Ryan Moran will anchor the Blue Team and will serve as the teams' captain, cheerleader and overall instigator, despite playing with 13 players instead of the 14 which completes two of the four rosters. Overall All-Star one season ago, Craig Wilder will captain the Black Team and is also playing a person down, but accepts that as the dominant kickball player that he is. New to FAU is Whiteny Goulish, who took on the challenge of serving as the Grey Team captain, much like she has heading the FAU Athletic ticket operations, with detail and commitment.

The 2018 Event also is under new leadership with Meneftha Pierre stepping up as the tournament director. Like all south Florida events, fans can expect celebrity sightings with newly hired Vice President and Director of Athletics Brian White, securing his ticket in recent days.

The foursome announced their teams as follows (team captains listed first):

Kachine AlexanderCraig WilderRyan MoranWhitney Goulish
Fernanda NelsonEvan SiegelJack WillenbrockJacob Banks
Landan SalemSean TuttleHannah KeelingJoe Guadagnino
Bruce HamelinLaura JacksonKyle MurrinJJ Daugherty
Aaron MalaveDasha CherkasovHunter GreerErika Carlson
Trevor GarnishLisa SnowdenIan ChapkisDaniel Fowler
Daniel SchubertMario RosalesGarret LawsonErin Cox
Samantha SweeneyJustin JohnsonJoey WorthenRicardo Gonzalez
Nathan HinkleySteve GrotowskiOwen McCorkleMichael Crane
Dusty MayJose RoblesCaroline WheelenRussell Philipp
Akeem MiskdeenSam WescottRyan AbleBenjamin Gonzalez
Anthony GrassiJaquez JohnsonAlyssa WarrenChan Walker
Erik PastranaKyle ChurchGabby ReppellJonathan Fraysure
Katy KalianEric Zeaman

There will be a total of three games with no team expected to play more than two, following a bracket style format. All rules and squad lists are subject to change, but must be cleared through the compliance office. An impartial officiating crew comprised of Michelle Friswell and Joan Joyce has been assigned by the Oxley Center Northern Division. Live stats and video streaming will not be made available due to the nature of the content.



  • Pitching must be underhand only


  • Must be within the strike zone to be a strike
  • Strike Zone: one foot on each side of the plate
  • Must roll or bounce twice to be considered a strike (bounce = no higher than the shins)
  • All kicks must be made by the foot only and touch only once


  • May be tagged with ball by throwing below the shoulders
  • No leading off or stealing
  • 10 run rule per inning. After 10 runs, the inning is over
  • Intentional head shots in tagging result in automatic player disqualification for the game
  • Fielders must stay behind the pitcher
  • Once the pitcher is in the circle, play is dead


  • Each batter gets 1 pitch
  • A ball results in a walk
  • A strike results in an out
  • A foul results in an out
  • A count of three outs by a team completes the team's half of the inning. An out can be recorded by throwing the ball to the base or hitting the runner below the shoulders
  • Hitting the base with the ball does not count as an out. The fielder must hit the runner with the ball or maintain control of the ball on the base as a forced run


  • At least 4 females per team and on the field
  • No more than 15 players (at least 10) per team
  • 11 players on the field
  • All members of team must kick


  • Game 1 (Team A vs. Team B) - 2 members of Team C will keep score
  • Game 2 (Team C vs. Team D) - 2 members of Losing Team from Game 1 will keep score
  • Championship Game - 2 members of Losing Team from Game 2 will keep score


  • 3 total games (Team A vs. Team B, Team C vs. Team D, Championship Game)
  • 30 minutes or 7 innings (whichever comes first)
  • 5 minutes between each game
  • Men cannot bunt
  • Championship game: @ 2:00 PM, 7 innings
  • Substitutions can only be made at the completion of the top/bottom of inning

* All rules are subject to change per our discretion

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