Monday Morning with Charlie Partridge

Sept. 15, 2014

BOCA RATON, Fla. - On Saturday
Saturday night meant a lot to us. Everyone who was in that stadium to honor Howard (Schnellenberger), hopefully, we helped them celebrate that night with him - by giving him a victory. When you go back and look at the tape, like I thought after the game, when you look at it with a level head and take the emotions out, the story of the game really came down to explosive plays and winning the turnover battle. We gave our offense, if you include the on-side kick, we gave them three additional opportunities to drive the ball and obviously D'Joun (Smith) had a pick six which helped settle the momentum. There was another drive that won't be talked about much, that I do want to point out. There was a point in the second half of the third quarter, when the score was 33-14 and Tulsa was getting some momentum. Our offense did a great job of putting together a drive to go ahead and get the 40 points. We needed it at that point. Tulsa does have powerful weapons. To be able to get that done meant a lot to us. Still a lot to work on, our punt protection needs work. They obviously, they got a piece of a punt and got close on another. Some kickoff return communication issues, when they started hitting some shorter pooch style kickoffs to us. So, we have to get better there. We have to continue to make sure we are protecting the football. On defense, our two back fits, which we will face this week in Wyoming, so still a lot to work on - a lot to build off as well.

Players of the game for us:
Offense: Jaquez Johnson
Defense: Brandin Bryant and D'Joun Smith
Special Teams Lucky Whitehead
Scout Team Guys are: Andrew Matyk (off), Jeremy Faulk (def.) and Dan Lozandier (Special Teams)

Injury Update:
Really nothing new to report. There were no injuries to hold them out of this game

In looking at Wyoming the last 24 hours, what jumps out is really exactly what I expected. Coach Bohl is a tremendous football coach. He just had his 26-game win streak broken by Oregon, losing to Oregon which is obviously one of the best teams in the country. But, you can see his discipline and his style of football being taken to very well by the Wyoming players. They also have a 25 member senior class and you can feel that leadership. Those wins against Montana and Air Force are legitimate wins. They are a confident football team at home and we recognize that.

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