Learning on the Fly

Feb. 26, 2013

For the past two weekends, I have taken on a new responsibility at work. I have served as the official game scorer for numerous softball games during the first two home tournaments. Prior to my first game, I cannot say that I had much experience in this field. I had attended a softball scrimmage a few weeks prior and practiced scoring a few innings but besides that, all I had to rely on was my cheat sheet of score codes.

The first game was scheduled on a Friday when Mother Nature decided to wreak havoc on the first day of FAU's Kick-Off Classic. The first two non-FAU games took place as scheduled. However, by the time FAU's first game against Maryland was about to start, rain was pouring down. I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders as the announcement was made that the game had been cancelled. This gave me a bit more time to mentally prepare for my scoring duties the next day.

FAU was finally set to play on Saturday evening, in back to back games against Massachusetts and LIU Brooklyn. After the first few innings of scoring for the live game-tracker, the feeling of anxiety and panic finally went away. Most of the plays were simple to score, a single, a walk, a stolen base... There were a few plays that took me a little bit to figure out but luckily the other SIDs had experience with the live scoring program and were able to help me out.

This was the first time I had been given a task that I had no experience in and had to learn it on the fly. The thing about live scoring is that it is difficult to practice without watching a real game to score. Overall, I enjoyed the experience. Besides the few moments when I got flustered, it was exciting to learn a new skill and to experience learning it under pressure. I was so thankful for the help I received from the media relations staff and for the difficulties I faced as I am now more motivated and excited to improve my abilities in game scoring over the softball season.

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