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Dance Team Overview 2012


General Information
Thank you for your interest in the Dance program at Florida Atlantic University. We are very serious about the excellence of our department and are actively seeking quality individuals to utilize their talents, while pursuing a higher education, to be a part of the FAU Dance team.

We are always looking for quality people to fulfill the role of ambassadors for the University, and new talent to strengthen our squad.

The Florida Atlantic Athletics Department supports and directs the Dance Team. The goals and objectives of the squad are:

□ To be exemplary representatives of the Florida Atlantic.
□ To appear at University activities, games, functions, programs and philanthropic events and represent the University at local, state, and national functions as well.
□ To raise the level of public support for the University.
□ To increase fan support at athletic events as cheerleaders, dancers, and mascots.

The Florida Atlantic Dance Team supports the university's football program and both the men's and women's basketball programs. The squad also attends selected away football games, traveling with our football team. The squad performs at all home half time basketball games and selected media time outs.

Squad members are expected to schedule their classes around the practice times determined by the Coaching Staff. All members must maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA and pass 12 hours per semester. Members must be available for summer camps, appearances, or anything that the University requires the dance team to take part in.

The Florida Atlantic Dance Team is rewarded stipends per semester based on years of participation and scholastic achievement from the University Athletics Department.

The cost to be on the team includes travel expenses for camp (plane ticket or bus fee) and fees for Nationals. Attendance at Nationals is contingent upon team readiness and dancers' abilities to raise the necessary funds. The coach will advise the squad as to what specific fees will be associated with each upcoming season. Dancers are responsible for obtaining the proper dance shoes and boots (designated by the coach).

General information
For more information regarding Florida Atlantic University's Dance Team, please contact:

Lisa Snowden
FAU Dance Coach
(561) 756-3345

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