Senior Ed Wertepny

Dec. 19, 2010

It's true. I get all the redneck and hillbilly comments. But, I do like to hunt, fish and camp. South Florida in general is a different experience, but it has been a blast. I'm a little more laid back then most of the people here and also like freshwater fishing more than the deep sea. When it comes to football, I have also moved from tight end to the offensive line. It was hard at first, but I like to block and understand the position. Also, the offensive line meetings are funny. Hunting and fishing is about self reliance, adjusting to the conditions, adapting to the situation and, in a lot of ways, football is too.

My name is Ed Wertepny.
Living in South Florida has also allowed me to camp in Chickee, which is in the Everglades back country.

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